New Zealand’s Art Deco City


Napier is ‘The place’ if Art in Architecture is your thing. Famous for its art deco in buildings of the 1930s. Situated at NZ North Island, Hawke’s Bay , this city was devastated by an earthquake in 1931 but it was rebuilt quickly while carefully preserving it’s architecture of the classics which still stands today.
Take a walking tour to soak into the era of the 1930s. Every February, the locals celebrate the Art Deco heritage by having a festival where vintage cars and bikes are paraded with people donning clothes of that 30’s era. Activities include outdoor jazz concerts, aerobatic flying displays, steam train rides and so on.
If you think only Singpore has a Marine Parade,  Napier has one too. A favourite place among the locals and visitors too . Walk by the coast, dine, cycle, stroll among flower gardens and if you’re lucky some vintage cars may just come by too.
Nearest place for motorhome to rest for the night for free :
Perfume Point Carpark, Napier