Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple……Dr Seuss

Do you need special license to drive a campervan?

Your Singapore class 3A or 3 driver’s license will suffice, as long as you have had it for a year.

How to choose a Campervan for my travelling?

Simple, how many person = how many berth

Where to stay for the night?

holiday park, national park campground or even freedom camping

How to pack for your campervan adventure

Use soft luggage, avoid hard cased luggage. Although there are plenty of storage spaces in a campervan but the spaces are in all sorts of odd sizes, thus a boxy, hard luggage will not fit in these spaces.

Do i need a child/booster seat for my child?

The answer are simple…..YES!

What is the minimum hire days

We recommend 5 days minimum. Any lesser, there will be a fee imposed.