Gold at its raw state


In the South East of Karlgoorlie lies a sun-baked gigantic chasm- 3.5km long,1.5kmwide and 570m deep, big enough to be seen from space. This place is Australia’s biggest open cut gold mine and one of the richest gold deposits in the world. It is called the Fimiston pit, also known as the Super Pit. It produces 28 tonnes of gold per year which is 1800.4 million dollars. The super pit is one of the only mines in the world that allow the public to tour. The many shades of brown soil and its endless winding roads down into the mine makes it a sight to behold. Despite the extremely hot weather at the super pit, it is a place that is much worth visiting. How to get there: Kalgoorlie town is 594.5 km and 6h 30mins away from Perth via National Highway 94.