6 good reasons to do a campervan trip


reason #1

Pack and un-pack once! – A self-drive campervan trip is an awesome way to travel because you don’t have to get busy whenever you change an accommodation.You only get to do it during your pickup and drop-off at the campervan depot.

reason #2

Get to eat home-cooked food, having your kitchen on board means only eating and cooking what you like. Stock up the fridge with fresh groceries from supermarkets and farmers’ market along the way, thus stretching your holiday dollars for that souvenir.

reason #3

Every meal is an al fresco dining experience, stop at picturesque location and set up your camping table and chairs to have an awesome dining experience while watching the sunset.

reason #4

Little tots love it, travelling with kids need not be a physically and mentally exhaustive chore once they have found their favourite cosy corner to nap or sit. At anytime, they can have that tempting ice cream that was bought from the last supermarket stop that has been calling their name from the fridge while on the road. Toilet break need not be a hassle anymore.

reason #5

Be a radical, campervan road trips are never about following the herd. Break free and be flexible. Camp in picturesque location for the night when your spirit man leads.There are very nice camping spots far from the beaten track. The kids will definitely love it and adults will enjoy it over a campfire.

reason #6

Doing it in style, best of all you get to do it with all the creature comfort and convenience.


In a nutshell, a campervan trip allows you to do your travelling with a flexible itinerary at your own pace plus exploring and camping, with the stars as your night canvas and waking up to the most picturesque sunrise you can ever imagine.