The Perfect Campervan Adventure For Young People

Brought to you by Lydia Yang from Lydiascapes Travel
When it comes to adventure, nothing beats travelling in New Zealand with a bunch of your good pals.
3 boys, 3 girls piled into a 6-berth campervan and we made our way around New Zealand South Island between Christmas and New Year’s. No doubt, it was the peak season in New Zealand as it was just the start of summer, but spectacular weather with long hours of sunshine and cloudless skies made it worthwhile.
Travelling around New Zealand in a campervan is a lot of fun, convenient and creates exciting memories you can’t get on a normal trip. From taking turns being on the wheel, navigating sharp winding turns, to sharing household chores and singing songs together, it was truly an epic trip that left all 6 of us with such fond memories.