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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr Seuss

Pink Lake

A pink lake? Yes you heard us correctly. Hutt Lagoon, located near Port Gregory in Western Australia is a salt water lake formed by a beach barrier ridge and a barrier dune system, separating it from the vast Indian Ocean. The water of the lake is pink due to the... read more

6 good reasons to do a campervan trip

reason #1 Pack and un-pack once! – A self-drive campervan trip is an awesome way to travel because you don’t have to get busy whenever you change an accommodation.You only get to do it during your pickup and drop-off at the campervan depot. reason #2 Get to eat... read more

Blow Wind Blow

The Albany Wind Farm is one of the most spectacular and largest wind farms in Australia. The wind farm walk offers spectacular views of the twelve eco-friendly turbines along the Torndirrup peninsula. The turbines lower Western Australia’s greenhouse gas... read more


在新西兰开车与在其他国家或许有所不同。在选择自驾之前,您需要了解一些基本信息。 很多人都喜欢开着轿车、露营车或房车沿路探索新西兰的美丽风光。然而,即使您是一位经验丰富的司机,在其他地方经常开车,仍然需要在启程之前充分了解诸如极端天气、狭窄或弯曲路段以及不同的交通规则等信息。 在新西兰开车有何不同? 右舵左行 – 汽车必须沿公路左侧行驶,车上的驾驶员座椅设在右侧。... read more
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