The fabulous Four went on their first campervan trip

Meet the Lee family who went on their first campervan trip exploring The Great Ocean Road , Victoria , Australia
The plan – Clockwise starting from Melbourne
Landed in Melbourne during the wee hours of the night, they decided to hang out in the city the next day. Of course Queen Victoria Market is a must when everyone comes to Melbourne city. They found the best donuts there.
The real adventure begins after picking up their campervan and off to The Great Ocean Road (GOR).  Cheeky Dominic is showing off his pitstop for the night at Discovery Holiday Park in Geelong. Ensuite powered site is around $70 per night.
This is as close as you can get to the coast in your campervan without walking long distances.

Pantry on-the-go. The convenience of dining in, whenever or wherever your tummy leads you. Here’s a sneak peek at the campervan’s kitchen interior.(click the black arrows for more pictures)


Enjoying the relentless wind with the beautiful backdrop

Road to Grampians. Driving along country road feels so serene and less stressful

Easy and reachable climb up the Grampians. That top-of-the-world feeling.

Reliving the gold rush era at Ballarat

See how small a human can be as compared to these megastructures. That’s Port Lonsdale lighthouse overlooking the Bass Strait



Back to Melbourne to enjoy the sights and sounds of Melbourne city(click the black arrows for next picture).

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Six Good Reasons of choosing to travel to Australia and New Zealand on end of the year

Six Good Reasons of choosing to travel to Australia and New Zealand on end of the year

reason #1

It’s a long school holiday break. Time for some family bonding.

reason #2

It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The weather is perfect for travel, keep your puffy jackets at home and wear less, more luggage space for your other comfort knick-knacks.

reason #3

Long daylight hours. The sun sets as late as 9pm in some places, which means we can have more time to explore and enjoy before turning in for the night.

reason #4

It’s the peak season and more facilities are open e.g. more toilets at holiday parks and freedom camping spots are available, tourist attractions allow more time slots for tours.

reason #5

It’s the time where shopping malls and eateries are open till late.

reason #6

For campervan travelers, there is no need to get a campervan with heating.

Hit the road and have fun on your campervan. It’s the best time to book your camper now, as early bird discount ends in October.

The Perfect Campervan Adventure For Young People

The Perfect Campervan Adventure For Young People

Brought to you by Lydia Yang from Lydiascapes Travel
When it comes to adventure, nothing beats travelling in New Zealand with a bunch of your good pals.
3 boys, 3 girls piled into a 6-berth campervan and we made our way around New Zealand South Island between Christmas and New Year’s. No doubt, it was the peak season in New Zealand as it was just the start of summer, but spectacular weather with long hours of sunshine and cloudless skies made it worthwhile.
Travelling around New Zealand in a campervan is a lot of fun, convenient and creates exciting memories you can’t get on a normal trip. From taking turns being on the wheel, navigating sharp winding turns, to sharing household chores and singing songs together, it was truly an epic trip that left all 6 of us with such fond memories.

C h e c k l i s t !

C h e c k l i s t !

How many of these have you not done in your travels. These 3 adventurers, Panny, Christy and Caitlin, have experienced many “Firsts” during their  trip to New Zealand in their campervan.

Checklist  #1. Driving a campervan/motorhome

They have chosen Britz Venturer Plus  as it does not have a high top, making it easier to handle the vehicle and being petite in sizes, they just need a 2 adults -plus-1-child-configuration.


Checklist  #2. Snowboarding down Cardrona ski slope

These ladies chose to park their campervan at Pine Trees carpark, and took the Cardrona shuttle bus to the ski area. Cardrona Alpine Resort is between Wanaka and Queenstown.

Checklist  #3. Surrounded by snow-capped mountians

Walking the Hooker Valley Track, Mount Cook National Park.

Lake Mattheson – Worth a visit when going to Fox Glacier

Checklist  #4. Spotting wildlife in their natural habitat

Checklist  #5. Witnessing whales in the wild doing their thing

Double bonus for them as dusky dolphins came in schools to greet them at Kaikoura.

Checklist  #6. Adrenalin rushing sky dive

Checklist #7 rent a campervan from

Have you done it all? These 3 ladies have done it all and more travelling in their campervan.
Book your campervan at
Thanks Panny, Christy and Caitlin for your pictures.

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The World’s Steepest Street

The World’s Steepest Street

Introducing the world’s steepest street – “Baldwin Street”. It’s just a quiet residential suburb in Dunedin, NZ South island. But not so quiet in the month of July every year. The Cadbury Jaffa race is held there annually, releasing loads of chocolate candies down the slope for charity. An amazing sight and fun too. Park your ‪#‎campervan‬ elsewhere and walk up the slope to test your fitness.

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