Six Good Reasons of choosing to travel to Australia and New Zealand on end of the year


reason #1

It’s a long school holiday break. Time for some family bonding.

reason #2

It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The weather is perfect for travel, keep your puffy jackets at home and wear less, more luggage space for your other comfort knick-knacks.

reason #3

Long daylight hours. The sun sets as late as 9pm in some places, which means we can have more time to explore and enjoy before turning in for the night.

reason #4

It’s the peak season and more facilities are open e.g. more toilets at holiday parks and freedom camping spots are available, tourist attractions allow more time slots for tours.

reason #5

It’s the time where shopping malls and eateries are open till late.

reason #6

For campervan travelers, there is no need to get a campervan with heating.

Hit the road and have fun on your campervan. It’s the best time to book your camper now, as early bird discount ends in October.