What makes a good family trip


#1 . A skillful non-F1 driver

A take-it-easy pace of driving and not rushing from one itinerary to another. The Sabathier family had made a basic plan of the trip route but they play-by-ear as they move along, spending longer stopovers at places they like and adjusting their itinerary accordingly as they travel.


#2 . A fun-loving family

This is definitely a great opportunity for bonding, setting aside their studies and work schedules and have some fun together.


#3 . Adventurous kids

…. and kids will always be kids, it’s just natural to unleash the spirit of adventure and be themselves.

#4 . An official family photographer

Everywhere they go, they are surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Monia just wished that she had better photography skills as the pictures just don’t do justice to the beautiful sights there.

#5 . A great campervan that can house 4 good and happy people

The Sabathier family chose a 6 berth campervan – Maui River,  for its spaciousness and good interior facilities.

It was one of their unforgettable trips and they have met some likewise families at holiday parks, mingling and chatting with them over  NZ’s reputable wine.  Thank you Stephane, Monia, Dorian and Mayleen for their photos.

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The Perfect Campervan Adventure For Young People
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