What’s that scent?

Ever wonder why Australian parks smells so good? Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia and there are over 700 species belonging to the family of Myrtaceae. Leaves of eucalyptus are rich in oil which give off a refreshing scent. It is a popular ingredient used in aromatherapy, essential oils and medicinal relief.
Especially on a nice December summer with daylight hours stretched as far as 9pm, the weather is perfect for a nice walk in the park and enjoy the fresh, earthy scent. After long hours of driving, recharge your body and soul by the Eucalyptus way.

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Pink Lake

A pink lake? Yes you heard us correctly.
Hutt Lagoon, located near Port Gregory in Western Australia is a salt water lake formed by a beach barrier ridge and a barrier dune system, separating it from the vast Indian Ocean. The water of the lake is pink due to the presence of two types of algae that produces a reddish-orange organic pigment called Beta-Carotene, that is used commercially as a coloring pigment in food and medicines and it is the world’s largest system of algae farms dedicated to the production of this pigment.
If this pink lake is not enough for you, there is another one, Lake Hillier, located off the south coast of Western Australia.

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6 good reasons to do a campervan trip

reason #1

Pack and un-pack once! – A self-drive campervan trip is an awesome way to travel because you don’t have to get busy whenever you change an accommodation.You only get to do it during your pickup and drop-off at the campervan depot.

reason #2

Get to eat home-cooked food, having your kitchen on board means only eating and cooking what you like. Stock up the fridge with fresh groceries from supermarkets and farmers’ market along the way, thus stretching your holiday dollars for that souvenir.

reason #3

Every meal is an al fresco dining experience, stop at picturesque location and set up your camping table and chairs to have an awesome dining experience while watching the sunset.

reason #4

Little tots love it, travelling with kids need not be a physically and mentally exhaustive chore once they have found their favourite cosy corner to nap or sit. At anytime, they can have that tempting ice cream that was bought from the last supermarket stop that has been calling their name from the fridge while on the road. Toilet break need not be a hassle anymore.

reason #5

Be a radical, campervan road trips are never about following the herd. Break free and be flexible. Camp in picturesque location for the night when your spirit man leads.There are very nice camping spots far from the beaten track. The kids will definitely love it and adults will enjoy it over a campfire.

reason #6

Doing it in style, best of all you get to do it with all the creature comfort and convenience.


In a nutshell, a campervan trip allows you to do your travelling with a flexible itinerary at your own pace plus exploring and camping, with the stars as your night canvas and waking up to the most picturesque sunrise you can ever imagine.

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Blow Wind Blow

The Albany Wind Farm is one of the most spectacular and largest wind farms in Australia. The wind farm walk offers spectacular views of the twelve eco-friendly turbines along the Torndirrup peninsula. The turbines lower Western Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 77,000 tonnes per year.
The wind farm is open to the general public every day of the year and you are free to visit when you wish. At the wind farm there is an extensive network of boardwalks with panoramic coastal views, artwork and information panels, plus a connection walk to the Bibbulmum track. Park your campervan at the large carpark and remember to don your wind breakers before setting out. Feel the power of the wind!

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右舵左行 – 汽车必须沿公路左侧行驶,车上的驾驶员座椅设在右侧。

疲 劳驾驶是一件极其危险的事情,尤其是在刚到一个新的国家,对当地的公路和交通规则还不熟悉的情况下。来到新西兰的游客之所以可能更容易感到疲惫,主要是由 于时差原因,起得早,睡得晚,或是由于前一天开了较长时间的车。请确保自己头脑清醒,保持警惕——在公路上疲劳驾驶会带来安全隐患!

新西兰地形的多样性意味着这里的公路 通常较窄,常有山路,弯路,而且多急转弯。离开大城市之后,郊外宽阔的公路不多。这里的公路多为双向两车道,中间没有隔离带。此外,您还有可能会遇到碎石 路。如果有车辆想从后面超车时,要注意留出足够的时间,减速行驶或找个安全的地方靠边停车。确保充足的休息,以保持清醒的头脑和充沛的精力。

地图上可能不会显示道路的狭窄、弯曲程度。一段看似很短的路程 可能需要开很长时间。例如:从霍基蒂卡(Hokitika)到哈斯特镇(Haast)是备受游客青睐的一条自驾线路,可停车观看新西兰的冰川,地图上显示 这段路程为 278 公里(172 英里),看上去可能只是一段 3 小时的短途旅行。但由于这段路弯弯曲曲,驾驶员至少应当预留 4 小时的自驾时间。这种情况在新西兰非常普遍——因此,预留的时间应当始终大于您预计所需的时间。



在新西兰的 1500 个铁路交叉道口中,只有一半安装有自动报警装置。当红灯闪烁时,代表火车正在驶近,必须马上停车;只有当指示灯停止闪烁时,车辆方可继续通行。其他的交叉 口则仅设有“铁路交叉口”标志以及让行或停车标志。在看到这些标志时,应当马上停车,左右查看,确定无火车驶近后才可穿越铁路。



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